Our philosophy

Our academic teaching staff have established reputations as performance makers, playwrights, actors, cultural critics, dramaturgs and theoreticians. Our interests range from contemporary, popular, devised and early modern theatre, to cultural policy, applied theatre, modernist theatre, creative writing, and performance as social intervention.

Drama staff and students work together closely on courses that combine the best in practical and theoretical approaches to the field of theatre and performance. We have a close connection with The Rose Theatre in Kingston, where students are regularly taught and perform. Read more about how this industry link benefits students. 

Undergraduate courses

Kingston has a reputation for teaching excellence because our teaching is focused on helping students make the link between theory and practice.

Teaching methods typically integrate the two, mixing lecture presentation, seminar discussion and practical workshop activities. Drama lecturers are all active researchers and this informs both the content and delivery of our course, especially the Special Study modules in Year 3, where you can benefit from focused study of a lecturer's area of special interest.

At Kingston we can help you develop the knowledge and the skills necessary to prepare you for a wide range of work and life opportunities. A drama degree will equip you with skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, creative and analytical thinking, and effective communication, that makes you attractive to employers in a wide range of settings.

Drama events

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Head of Department of Performing Arts: Prof Isabella Van Elferen.

Dance and drama course administrator: Tanya Oglesby.