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Fairtrade University

Kingston University has been a Fairtrade university since 2006.

Generating energy

There are 48 photovoltaic panels installed to generate energy for the John Galsworthy building.

Rainwater recovery

A rainwater-harvesting system at the Kingston Business School building collects rainwater to flush the toilets.



Kingston University understands that higher education institutions have the exciting opportunity of inspiring, educating and developing generations of students and staff communities who will take their experiences of sustainable behaviour into their everyday lives, work and careers.

As such we are committed to fostering a culture of sustainable practice throughout the University, ensuring we contribute positively to the economy, environment and society from the local to the global scale.

Our award-winning Sustainability Hub acts as a focal point for this work, facilitating and promoting best practice in the development of our campus operations, curriculum, research and partnerships.

Please note that the Sustainability Hub pages are in the process of being updated, so please check back for more information or contact us at to find out more.

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