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Faith and Spirituality

Supporting your faith and spirituality while you are at Kingston University. Find out more

Pastoral care and support

Confidential support for students and staff of all beliefs. Find out more

Faith facilities at the University

There are rooms for prayer across our campuses.
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Faith in the community

Find local groups and places of worship. Find out more


We run a full programme of drop-in sessions, meetings, worship and events during teaching periods. Read more


We support your faith at Kingston University – we work in partnership with local faith communities to offer spiritual care to our students and staff.


We stand for:

  • Support – listening, guidance, friendship and prayer.
  • Community – building relationships and trust.
  • Understanding – learning about our own beliefs and those of others.
  • Creativity – seeing the world in new ways.
  • Spirituality – exploring faith, prayer and meaning.

Church of England

Being a Christian by Baron Williams of Oystermouth.

  • Faith and Spirituality Centre
    Kingston University
    Room 8A, Town House
    Penrhyn Road
    Kingston upon Thames
    KT1 2EE
    Tel: 020 8417 2940

Andrew WilliamsAndrew Williams is a Christian minister and works full time as the University faith adviser.

Easter greetings

Easter greetings"On 20 April Christians in many parts of the world will celebrate the greatest festival of the church year, Easter. On this day the church proclaims its faith in God's triumph over our ultimate adversary, death. For Christians believe that Jesus, who uniquely brought divinity and humanity into contact, died, was buried and rose again to new life through miraculous resurrection.


Many others of course find such a notion completely preposterous, an unbelievable and incomprehensible doctrine, a fabrication concocted by the early church. Some Christians respond to this incredulity by seeking to assemble logical arguments and point to the so-called evidence that might persuade disbelievers of the truth of the resurrection. Such efforts are rarely successful.


For belief in God will only start when the limits of human reason have been reached. It is only in acknowledging the human impossibility of belief in the truly radical notion of a resurrected body that actual faith becomes possible. All faith must start from a position of unbelief. Read more

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