Business Modelling and Analysis Group

Research within the Business Modelling and Analysis Group develops analytical and computer-based models to solve a range of complex industrial, financial, and business management problems

For this purpose, improved Management Science Methods (such as modelling, optimisation, forecasting techniques, multi-criteria analysis, and problem-structuring methods) are combined with theoretical advances in well-established subject areas such as Economics and Operational Research and the resulting models are implemented using advanced Information Technologies (such as simulation and artificial intelligence both as stand-alone techniques and in hybrid combinations).

The key objective of this work is to support strategic and tactical decision-making in organisations through the development of modelling and simulation tools for in-depth business analysis and process optimisation.

Current projects

  • Development of Hybrid Decision Support Systems
  • Interactive Use of Simulation and AI Techniques
  • Using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis for Optimal Dynamic Price Derivation
  • Computational Models for Modelling Reinforcement Learning and Habit Formation

Faculty of Business and Social Sciences