Trading Behaviour Research Group (TRABERG)

The Trading Behaviour Research Group (TRABERG) aims to establish a new line of research activity on the trading and investment behaviour of groups, individuals or institutions. It will utilise the existing expertise from the academics, research students and undergraduates working within the fields of both business and psychology.

TRABERG will explore the manifestations of a number of well-researched psychological constructs within the context of trading and investing. Specifically, TRABERG will be focused on the application of psychological processes in the trading and investing environment.


The group's aims will be to:

  • Facilitate interdisciplinary research
  • Work with industry to find solutions in marketing and finance
  • Publish our work in the leading academic and industry journals
  • Organise seminars targeting joint interests in psychology and finance

The group also aims to become self-sustainable by:

  • Applying for grants
  • Generating income
  • Publications
  • Organising seminars
  • Organising conferences


The group's activities will be oriented towards:



  • Integration of information
  • Expert vs. Novice

Financial Decisions

  • Planning/Forecasting
  • Investment
  • Trading
  • Asset Evaluation
  • Acquisitions
  • Assets Pricing Bubbles
  • Financial Crisis

Financial Technology (FinTech)

Innovation Strategy

  • Insight and Novel Ideas
  • Planning and Anticipation

Prospective Decision Making

  • Future of Money (e.g. bitcoin)
  • Future Markets
  • Future Transactions
  • Future Impact
  • The effects of regulation (top-down, bottom-up, harsh, lenient)
  • The effects of competition/collaboration

Integrated Thinking and Reporting

  • Judgement Value of Companies
  • Integrating social and environmental financial information
  • Perceptions of Trust in Corporate World

Contact us

Dr Dritan Nikolla